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Twickenham Riverside Music

Sunday 26th June 2016
12noon - 8.pm


SHELLE LUSCOMBE & LAWRENCE PENFOLD We know both of them well, but now they are a duo. Schelle is the best known local pro singer and Law I always say is my fave young guitar player. Cos it's true.

ROCHEII Young local band doing their own rock stuff and making a really good racket.

SCARLET KITE A local Whitton band doing their own stuff, acousticky and summery, very nice.

LIZ ARCANE & AMUSE BOUCHE One of the classic gang from the Filthy's Days, Liz is back in town with her brilliant band featuring a nice string bass in there.

T BONE BAND David, Monte on slidey Strat, Russ on joanna and the fab Pete Charlton on bass. I don't know why it's called the T Bone Band either.

THE DEPUTIES Great local band of pros - these guys were variously signed by the Beatles and The Who back in the day.

THE EEL PIE PIRATES The town's best party band, Helene marvellously back on that purple leccy violin.

ALIX ANTHONY No intro needed … !!!